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Unlimited Workspace
Infinite Possibilities

ClassPad Math is a free online tool that offers a clean and versatile workspace. Jump right in, tap anywhere on the workspace, and get started with computation, graphing, geometry, statistics, and more. 

ClassPad Math example using trigonometry

Reliable and intuitive

ClassPad Math is developed on the decades-long foundation of Casio mathematics hardware development, and the platform is based on the popular ClassPad series of CAS-enabled calculators.


By learning from the successes and challenges of ClassPad, we have built a system that is both robust and simple to use while producing reliable mathematical solutions. App Examples

Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

ClassPad Math Core (free version) is available for registered and guest users. In Math Core, users can use the calculation sticky to perform essential primary computational and trigonometric functions. Users can also explore the graphing or number line sticky to visualize expressions and perform function analyses. The geometry sticky allows users to freehand draw objects, and users can fine-tune objects by cursor-dragging or entering specific coordinates. Finally, the text sticky (supports TeX) gives users the freedom to describe their work, make notes, and allows teachers to prompt students to answer specific real-world scenarios and situations.

International Physics Olympiad - 2023 Tokyo Japan

A special supporter of the 2023 IPhO

The International Physics Olympiad is an international physics contest for high school students. The first competition was held in Warsaw, Poland, in 1967. Five competitors are selected to represent each country participating in the contest. Casio was a special supporter of the 2023 Olympiad with a unique interest in helping students grow their knowledge and interest in the fields of mathematics and physics.

The Tech Edvocate Awards 2021 Finalist for Best Math App or Tool
Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School Secondary Education Winner
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
Learning Impact Honorable Mention 2022
IMS Global Certified Current Registrations
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