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Authoring Demo

ClassPad Math features a sophisticated and highly customizable authoring experience that allows test developers, publishers, and authors of curricula to set up extremely nuanced and dynamic activities for learners.

Screenshot of the rectilinear graph display

Learners can interact with the rectilinear graph to sketch a result based on the function authored on the back-end. ClassPad graphs a function based on the sketch. Learners can fine-tune their graphs by modifying point coordinates before submitting their answer.

Depending on the purpose of the interactive exercise, authors can choose to offer immediate feedback or score results behind the scenes.

Front-End View

Screenshot of the rectilinear graph settings and equation tools

Back-End Capabilities

Authors have a variety of options to select from to customize the learner experience including tools and toolbar customization, graph dimensions, window and style settings, initial objects, scoring tolerances and custom feedback messages.

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