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ClassPad Business Integrations

ClassPad Math features powerful and robust back-end technology to support its user-friendly front-end interface. The technology that powers our calculation tool can be integrated into existing business solutions for a variety of tasks and functions.

Capabilities of ClassPad

While the ClassPad Math front-end is designed for teachers and students to explore math, the back-end system can be tailored for a variety of different business needs and functions.

Illustration depicting math functions integrated with a computer


JavaScript-based support for primary, scientific, graphing, and statistics calculators.

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Rich Math Content

Our unique "sticky note" UI enables a natural blend of computational content.

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Enhanced e-learning

Share ClassPad Math via inline web frames in your digital learning publication.

Illustration depicting two people trying to access a cloud server, and one is accepted while the other is not

Secure Content Storage

Teacher content and student responses are stored on a CASIO secured cloud server.

Image depicting a person on a laptop with arrows connecting them to a building and a server

Automated Scoring

Assess responses and student work using our proprietary CAS engine.

Illustration depicting multiple people accessing a cloud server for ClassPad Math

Seamless SSO

Access ClassPad Math with an existing authentication ID without need for CASIO ID.

Students taking an exam

Benefits for assessment service providers and publishers

  • Reduce operational costs by using advanced, automated scoring for descriptive questions.

  • Introduce questions and responses of higher complexity without raising current scoring costs.

  • Improve the overall accuracy of scoring for descriptive tests.

  • Set flexible criteria for evaluation of student responses.

  • Optionally, provide students with immediate feedback on response accuracy.

  • Support for Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) is planned for the future.

Students sitting and facing a teacher who is presenting in the front of class

Benefits for publishers, e-learning
organizations, and creators of
instructional material

  • Create math teaching materials with a flexible, responsive layout.

  • Math content suitable for grades 3 to 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, and Advanced Placement courses.

  • Save student work and issue performative feedback through automated or manual assessment of the work.

  • Use your own company's user certification "as-is."

  • Create e-teaching materials that can be used for both demonstrative or assessment purposes.

  • Embed the Calculator Tool into pre-existing teaching material.

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