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How to Activate a ClassPad License

Licenses can be added to each account using the activation page on the Account portal. Follow the steps below to activate your subscription successfully.


Screenshot of log in feature

Open up ClassPad Math. If you are not currently logged in, tap the "Log in" button in the top-right corner of the app. Then select "Log in with CASIO ID." Follow the prompt to log in using your Casio login information.


Screenshot of top-right buttons in ClassPad Math

When you're logged in, the "Log in" button will be replaced with an "X" (Close Application) icon. Tap this icon. It will close out the ClassPad Math interface and return a user to the User Application.


Screenshot of the Tools settings

In the blue navigation menu on the left, tap "Your license" to visit the licensing, license activation, and license store.


Screenshot of the license activation screen

Tap "If you have a license code, click here" if you already purchased a code or if you were provided a demo code for evaluative purposes. Alternately, you can purchase a code by tapping "Purchase a license."


Screenshot of license input section

Using the dropdown menu, select between "9 digits" or "25 digits" (whichever matches your license key), then enter the code and select "Next." Follow the prompts to add the subscription to your account.


Screenshot of license days remaining verification

You can verify and track your active subscriptions by returning to the "Your License" page, along with the available time remaining for each subscription. 


Screenshot of tools section

Return to ClassPad Math by tapping on "Tools" in the blue left navigation menu, then tap on the "ClassPad Math" app icon. Your licensed add-ons will be active.

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