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Plans and Pricing

While most mathematical functions seen in most math classes are available for free, we also offer advanced features and emulator integrations that work seamlessly within the ClassPad online app.

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Math Core

Jump in and get started with arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry, function graphing, tables, sequences, and more.


Guest or registered access


Casio CAS, advanced statistics and stat calculations, financial calculations, and handwriting recognition technology.


In-app purchase

ClassWiz Emulator

Access to the ClassWiz emulation sticky for use with ClassPad Math. Compatible with graph and tabular stickies.

In-app purchase


Math PLUS Upgrade

While Math Core provides enough features to cover math exploration from middle school through high school, some learners and college students may benefit from more advanced features such as a computer algebra system to perform symbolic computation. Math PLUS also features handwriting technology: useful to further drive engagement in hands-on math courses.

ClassWiz™ Emulator

Example of the QR scanning feature on the Casio fx-991CW ClassWiz scientific calculator

Accomplishing more together

Users of the fx-991CW ClassWiz™ scientific calculator can generate QR codes from solutions. When scanned with an internet-capable smart device such as a phone or a tablet, the solution can be visualized directly through ClassPad Math, enabling ancillary graphing capability for a non-graphing, non-programmable calculator.

Person typing on a laptop with ClassPad Math on the screen

Classroom Deals

All functions typically explored in middle to high school level math curricula are free to use immediately. Educators seeking options to equip multiple users with PLUS or the ClassWiz emulator can email us directly to inquire about volume ordering.

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